Premium Beat Signature Series Mark Vincent In Canadian Musician Podcast Mike sits down with visionary pop songwriter, producer, and singer Lauv, who has just dropped his highly-anticipated debut LP ‘How I’m Feeling.’ They discuss Lauv’s rise to hitmaker status for stars like Charli XCX and Celine Dion, and the transition to performing his own songs with the likes of […]

TIFF Panel

FOUNDATIONS Cinematography Workflows – Big and Small Screen  Session Description: Have you ever wanted to know about cinematography workflows? In this session, notable guest speakers will provide a step-by-step guide to all the choices cinematographers must make for studio and indie productions – whether for the small or large screen – from set design through to […]

Before And After Article

” Recently, Shutterstock announced Elements, a series of visual effects elements purpose-shot for filmmakers to add to their projects. One of the cool things as part of that release was a series of behind the scenes videos showing how the elements were captured with practical effects techniques; things like explosions, gun […]

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Get ready for the year ahead with our guide to the latest styles — based on billions of image, video, and music searches and downloads from Shutterstock customers.